Types of Loan for Retired and Pensioner

Type of loan factored the value of benefits The Social Institute consignment loan discount of installments directly on the payroll for retirees and pensioners of the Social Institute was authorized by Federal Law No. 10,820 / 2003 in the Lula government. […]

Payroll loan portability: how to do it?

Those who have a payroll loan can transfer this loan to another financial institution that has better rates or conditions for debt repayment. This is called credit portability, a benefit offered by our financial system. But how can this transfer […]

Non – Bank Credit by Telephone

The mobile phone has become an indispensable accessory to the things we use daily. Practically, most people use it both as a means of relaxation and for various work-related activities. That is why the non-bank companies have decided to offer […]