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Non – Bank Credit by Telephone

The mobile phone has become an indispensable accessory to the things we use daily. Practically, most people use it both as a means of relaxation and for various work-related activities. That is why the non-bank companies have decided to offer to all those interested to use their phone and for other, as advantageous purposes, the possibility to get credits by phone .

It on the phone and how does this type of loan work?

It on the phone and how does this type of loan work?

The notion of the concept of non-bank credit over the phone has come amid the increasing use of this electronic gadget and due to the very high level of portability and availability. In this sense, it is easier for a person interested in obtaining a loan money to install an application developed for this purpose by the company that offers such loans. With the help of this application, the applicant / requester can benefit from all the data necessary to access in the best conditions a fast credit over the phone .

Practically, the desktop version is ported to smart phones, and the customer benefits from the same benefits. In addition, the mobile phone will also be used as a way of contacting and maintaining the link between the credit company and the payee, so it will have many uses. If you’re in the situation of saying ” I want credit on the phone ,” all you have to do is install your dedicated loan application or access the mobile optimized version of the nonbanking site and get it the money that is so necessary with the utmost speed.

To whom does my credit refer over my phone?


This type of non-bank loan is a product that is more and more often found in ifn’s offer. Therefore, as long as you fit within the conditions imposed by them, you can contract a non-bank loan by phone. Such a product is addressed to all people who meet the conditions of income, citizenship, residence, and age, so when you want to get a phone credit that gets very fast, all you have to do is Check if you are compatible / compatible with these conditions. Or, you can choose a loan from our offer of fast credit over the phone, which is configured on the basis of generally accepted criteria by most non-bank companies in Romania.

What are the conditions for obtaining a non-bank credit over the phone?


Getting a non-bank credit over the phone can be a very simple operation if you know exactly what conditions the lending company does for those who request these loans. Here are the eligibility criteria you need to meet in this case:


non-bank credit by phone


  • Age must be between 18 and 70 years (some companies do not impose a higher age limit of 19 or 20 years, while others also have higher age limits of up to 75 years);
  • To access a fast credit via phone through the dedicated application or using the phone as a way to contract the loan;
  • Have a source of regular income or match the types of earnings accepted by non-bank IFNs;
  • Have the ability to return the credit accessed via the phone in accordance with contractual obligations;
  • To have Romanian citizenship and residence on the territory of Romania, in this sense having the opportunity to present supporting documents (in copy);
  • Have a mobile phone, whose role is to serve as a way of contracting a loan and maintaining a connection with the creditor company;
  • To meet the credit history conditions (ideal, for the fast delivery of the loan, that the person does not appear in the credit bureau’s database).

Our site offers you the most advantageous offers of this kind, the entire selection based on the very high degree of approval these loans provide. We want everybody who wants a quick credit on the phone to get it as soon as possible, so we provide you with all the necessary information to get the credit in the shortest possible time. More information about each individual offer you find on our website and if you still check what these offers are, what would you say to get a 0% interest-based loan with a credit card?


What is the amount of money that can be borrowed through a fast credit over the phone?


What is the amount of money that can be borrowed through a fast credit over the phone?

Before accessing a loan in this category, you should know that the credit on the phone is in the nature of loans for which you are not required collateral or any other form of pledge. Even if the amount you can get through such a credit is not as big as mortgage, real estate or car loans you can get between 100 and 15,000 Ron. As far as the repayment term is concerned, most ifn companies request to return the money within a range of between 5 days and 36 months (depending on the amount to be borrowed).


For what purpose can I use a credit over the phone?


For what purpose can I use a credit over the phone?



This type of loan falls under the category of quick and personal loans, which means you can use it for any of the purposes for which these types of credit are used:

  • Urgent cash needs to quickly resolve an unexpected situation in the applicant’s life;
  • Medical problems, paying bills for hospitalization, etc;
  • Household problems, such as repair or purchase of household appliances, etc .;
  • Car repairs;
  • Purchasing various products that are at promotional prices for a short period of time;
  • Buying tickets for various events, especially if they are at a discounted price.

You never have to use a quick credit on your phone to pay your rate on another loan, but better use a refinancing credit for such situations. Avoid contracting any kind of loan if you are in an unstable financial situation, and work is not permanent or is not safe for the future. Think the money you borrow must be returned, and if the maturity date is exceeded by the non-bank company, you will need to pay penalty interest, which will increase your total credit cost.


What do I need to know about my credit offer over the phone?


What do I need to know about my credit offer over the phone?

Each individual company can set a set of own rules to impose on a customer who wants to access such a loan. That’s why it’s very important that before accessing a credit over the phone, you can properly inform yourself about these rules. Especially since some of them may limit the amount you can get or even lead to the rejection of the request. Here are some of these limitations that can be found for certain credit offers:

  • The amount of monthly earnings made by the applicant – some companies condition the obtaining of a non-bank credit by phone by making a minimum monthly income. In some cases, its value is very low (making it accessible to low-income and very low-income people), while in other cases its value is high, making it accessible only to middle-income and above average ;
  • Old-age and workplace – many non-bank companies impose the rule of 3 months of work and one month in the current job, while others “raise” the level to at least 6 months old at the current place work and minimum 1 year of service;
  • The negative credit history – is one of the things that can stop you from getting a quick credit over the phone, although most non-bank companies ifn also offer such loans to people who are listed in the Credit Bureau database. The value of the amount in which the person is recorded in the records of this fast track credit institution is also very important, but also by the amount of the amount that is to be obtained as a loan;
  • Types of Revenue Accepted – Some companies in the non-bank market require that the eligibility rule be valid only for those who receive income from the salary and pension category. Other companies, ifn, are somewhat more concessive, and accept other forms of income such as those made by seafarers, the surrender of copyrights and the use of property, as well as dividends, self-employment or commissions.

In order to benefit from the best credit over the phone, our site offers the opportunity to choose from the selection of available offers, which are filtered according to several factors so that they receive the highest degree of approval.

The benefits of a credit on the phone


When you decide to choose such a loan to solve your financial problems, you will surely notice the benefits it offers:

  • credit over the phone Simplicity and maximum efficiency in terms of how to apply (by phone);
  • Fast contacting from ifn (most non-bank institutions will contact you within 30 minutes of sending your request by phone);
  • Multiple ways to send the request – via SMS, phone call, form sent from the application, etc;
  • Very small number of documents request (usually only one copy of an identity document and a bank account statement);
  • Possibility of choosing how to transfer money from your credit – you can receive cash in cash to receive them in a bank account;
  • Very high level of approval – especially when all credit conditions are met;
  • The possibility of being accessed from any region of Romania – being a credit granted online with a bank transfer option, credit can be used by most Romanians.

If you have asked the question “I want credit on the phone ” so far, surely you will know how to choose the best and most advantageous to keep from now on. They opt for any of the loans available on our site because they are reviewed and filtered according to the presence of as many of the award criteria as non-banking companies in Romania are considering. In this way, you will benefit from a non-bank credit by phone, which you know will quickly get your approval in the shortest possible time!

Fast credit by phone – advised to all Romanians who need money on the spot!

Fast credit by phone - advised to all Romanians who need money on the spot!

We recommend this type of non-bank loan because it is the simplest, quickest and most useful way to get money loan in a very short period of time. Each of the non-bank credit offerings we present on the site benefit from a very high level of approval, being categorized according to the criteria imposed by ifn Romanian credit companies. We have included in our offer a variety of phone credits , with a higher or lower loan limit, with different reimbursement intervals, so that you have the choice of the most advantageous credit.

Always evaluate your financial possibilities and borrow money through a non-bank credit over the phone only when you can return the money on time and under the conditions imposed by ifn. On our site you will discover new credit offerings by phone so you always get the best deals every day. You also get a phone loan and enjoy the very fast approval of the application, the minimum eligibility conditions and the receipt of the money in the shortest possible time. For more additional information on quick credit via phone visit our site and discover the most advantageous money loan deals right now!

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